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Cattle for Sale

Bull Prospect

Endurance Laddie Boy P301L

ASA registration #: x4363080

Bull Prospect - Horned & Heritage/Native

Sire:  DMH Minn Snowflake ET
Sire's ASA Registration #: x4256971

Dam:  DMH April Whishes
Dam's ASA Registration #: x4268353

We are offering this roan purebred Shorthorn bull calf for sale.  Both heritage/native by pedigree as well as horned, this young bull prospect from our autumn 2023 calf crop has been raised on our fescue-based pastures.  At the time of this listing, he still retains his horns.   His temperament is docile, which is a trait that we select for in our herd.

Endurance Marshall W305L

ASA registration #: 4367188

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