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Available Puppies
"Autumn" Litter

On November 14, 2023, Ruthie's "Autumn" Litter arrived safely with nine puppies.  The puppies are sired by Cowboy, and the litter contains four males (Bonfire, Buck, Harvest, and Flurry) and five females (Cider, Breeze, Rusty, S'more, and Pumpkin).  All of the puppies are tricolor with a couple of pups beginning to fade out into saddlebacks like Cowboy and Ruger. 

We are currently accepting reservations for puppies.  Please contact us by email to inquire about the puppies and availability.  

Weeks 1-2 - The litter grew immensely and began moving around whenever they were not sleeping or nursing. Ruthie is a patient dog and a very good mother to her offspring.

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Weeks 3-4

The puppies are now four weeks old and growing quickly.  They have begun to eat softened puppy kibble and to play outside under supervision.  This morning we moved them into larger quarters where they will have more room to play and begin house training.  We are giving each puppy individual time and taking note of temperament and development.  Next week we will start to take the puppies with us to do chores and introducing them to the farm animals.

Weeks 5-8:

The puppies have enjoyed a variety of experiences during weeks 5 through 8.  They were introduced to our farm animals, including the cows, hens, and barn cats.  Several visitors came to play with the puppies and help us evaluate how they handled unfamiliar people, including children of various ages.  They have romped and tumbled in the yard, explored the pasture on a leash, and learned to sit on command.   This litter is revealing the puppies' temperaments, athleticism, and intelligence.  Many pups are cuddles, and several enjoy being outside with us doing farm chores.  Four of the puppies (S'more, Cider, Buck, and Breeze) have been reserved for their homes in the country.  

The following puppies are still available as of January 7, 2024:  Rusty, Pumpkin, Bonfire, Flurry, and Harvest (2 females and 3 males).  

Weeks 9 - Present

The puppies have romped, tussled, pounced, and played in the snow.  With their noses the puppies plowed through the snow.  Training continues with house training and basic commands - sit, lie down, wait, go ahead, no, and come.  Only Harvest remains on the farm since the other eight pups have gone to their new homes.  

Bonfire (reserved) - He is a male that is fading out to the saddleback markings.  He is calm and sweet, and he is not rough on our cats.  This is a very even tempered pup that exhibits confidence with our livestock.  He is happy to be with his people.

Pumpkin (reserved)- she is a sweet and very calm female with tricolor markings.  She can be a bit rough in playing with our cats, but she seems to be improving in this area.  She can be playful for brief spurts, but she enjoys snuggling and laying near us too.  This female exhibits calm confidence with our cattle and hens.  She wants to please her people.  

Harvest - a tricolor male with a nice balance of energy and relaxation.  He is strong and athletic and smart.  He is a confident puppy with intelligence and independence.  He exhibits a desire to herd the cows, yet we can call him back with little difficulty.  This pup knows how to relax and to be a great farm helper.  

Flurry (reserved) - a tricolor male with high energy, a very playful temperament, very busy, and quick intelligence.  He is inquisitive and looks for things to do.  He jumps and exhibits determination.  His left front paw is deformed.  Our veterinarian says that he can lead an active, normal life without high-performance sports like agility.  She recommends a bootie to cushion the underside of his paw and to give him greater stability on uneven, rough, and slick surfaces.  


Rusty (reserved) - a feisty saddleback female with high energy.  Yes, she is cute, but don’t let these pictures fool you into thinking that she is calm!  These poses are the only way to get a good photo of her because she is quite energetic.   She chases her littermates and our cats, investigates everything, pounces on the other puppies, and is busy, busy, busy. She is very smart.  She is not fond of our livestock, being intimidated by them.  Rusty is always excited to see her people, greeting them with tail wagging and eager bounces.  

If you wish to be added to our waiting list for an English Shepherd puppy from a future litter, please email us at  

For further information about available puppies, please call us at the number below or email us by clicking on the red envelope in the upper right corner to our farm email address.  

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