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Available Puppies
"Autumn" Litter

On November 14, 2023, Ruthie's "Autumn" Litter arrived safely with nine puppies.  The puppies are sired by Cowboy, and the litter contains four males (Bonfire, Buck, Harvest, and Flurry) and five females (Cider, Breeze, Rusty, S'more, and Pumpkin).  All of the puppies are tricolor with a couple of pups beginning to fade out into saddlebacks like Cowboy and Ruger. 

We are currently accepting reservations for puppies.  Please contact us by email to inquire about the puppies and availability.  

Weeks 1-2 - The litter grew immensely and began moving around whenever they were not sleeping or nursing. Ruthie is a patient dog and a very good mother to her offspring.

If you wish to be added to our waiting list for an English Shepherd puppy from a future litter, please email us at  

For further information about available puppies, please call us at the number below or email us by clicking on the red envelope in the upper right corner to our farm email address.  

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