Available Puppies

On February 8, 2022, Ruthie had a litter of eight puppies, which were sired by a full brother to Cowboy named Clyde*.  The litter includes four males and four females.  

Contact us via the link to the right if you want more information about the puppies or to reserve one for yourself.  

* Photographs and more information about Clyde are below.

Ribbon Litter

Audie (Mr. Stripey) is still available for his new home in the country or in town. This tricolor puppy is a happy and social dog with a desire for fun and a bit of action. He really enjoys personal attention and exploring. He is an easygoing puppy with a biddable temperament and quick intelligence.  Audie enjoys the doing of activities, but he is also comfortable with laying down at your side or feet.  He can sit and come, and he is learning other commands and fetch as well.  

Audie (Mr Stripey) cute face 10 weeks.jpeg
Audie (Mr Stripey) - 10 weeks.jpeg

Town & Country's Clyde - sire of the Ribbon litter

Clyde's owners think he is an amazing dog, and their whole family adores him.  When he first got to his new home, Clyde did not whimper.  He simply explored his new place and was ready to play.  As his owners say, Clyde is "absolutely solid in his approach to things."     


His temperament is "initially cautious/curious, not too bold, and yet not overly-spooked.  That is exactly how he is with new experiences.  You can watch him thinking about things, and working them out in his mind.  He's high-energy, but absolutely not hyper or neurotic.  Just perfect for what we wanted in a pup.....Loves the car, and has never been carsick - even on the initial ride home! " 


"He's met dozens of people, has played perfectly with 4-5 other dogs, was housebroken (rings a bell hanging on the door) within two weeks, can sit, lie down, turn (spin), come, fetch and shake.  His concentration and intelligence is simply uncanny.  By far the smartest dog we've ever owned.  We could not be any happier with him. "  

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