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Products from the Farm

At Grand Oaks Farm, we want our customers to taste the difference in the eggs our pastured hens lay, in the fresh produce we grow, and in the 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef we raise.  We use regenerative farming practices to mimic nature the way God created it.  

Eggs from Pastured Hens


​Try our eggs, and enjoy the rich flavor and intensely golden yolks of the eggs from our pastured hens!  We feed a locally purchased feed in addition to whatever bugs and vegetation the hens consume out in the pasture.  Many of our customers tell us that they cannot bring themselves to "buy another grocery store egg" after they have tried the eggs from our pastured hens.  They have tasted the difference!

Prices:  $5.00 per dozen, $7.50 per 18-count box 

* Sorry, but we do not ship our eggs at this time. *

"Pasture-ized" Beef


Our beef is 'pasture-ized" because our cattle are raised on our grass-based pastures without feeding them any grain.  Our native/heritage Shorthorn cattle are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished.  Our animals are moved to fresh pasture using intensive rotational grazing practices every day.  During the extreme winter months, we do feed the cattle hay and baleage if our pasture stockpile has been used.  


We sell our tasty meat in bulk, usually by the quarter, half, or whole beef.  


Call or email us for availability as our current supply varies because we are building our Shorthorn herd.  

Seasonally Fresh Produce & Culinary Herbs

*We do not currently have produce available.*


Our market gardens contain a variety of fresh produce, which we offer during the growing season.  Because we desire a vibrant and active soil microbiome, we do not use pesticides unless it is absolutely necessary to save a crop. Instead, we apply other growing practices to control weeds and insects and to increase the health of our plants.  The result is deliciously healthy and nutrient-dense vegetables and culinary herbs from our farm to your table.  You can taste the difference!

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