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Past Litters

On January 8, 2023, Ruthie's Tree litter arrived safely with ten puppies.  The puppies were sired by Cowboy, and the litter contained seven males (Ash, Birch, Elm, Hickory, Frasier Fir, White Oak, and Sycamore) and three females (Magnolia, Maple, and Willow).  All of the puppies are tricolor with several of the males fading out into saddlebacks like Cowboy and Ruger. The dogs from the "Tree" Litter are residing in five states and serving as working farm dogs, companions, and agility competitors. They are thriving in their homes and growing well.  Magnolia is guarding free range poultry.  Willow is hiking in the Rocky Mountains (see photo to right).  Maverick (Birch), Hickory, and Pippin (White Oak) are happy farm dogs, while Wwit (Ash) is using his athleticism with agility.  The families of Dash (Elm), Leo (Frasier Fir), and Kai (Sycamore) are thrilled with the companionship provided by these beautiful and intelligent dogs.  


The "D" Litter was born on March 18, 2021.  The litter contained six puppies, including four females (Daisy, Dottie, Dolly, and Della) and two males (Delaware and Dixon).  These puppies were from a mating of our English Shepherds Ruthie and Ruger.

Fish (Della), D.D. (Dolly), Remy (Dottie), and Delaware live in the country. Tuna (Daisy) resides in both the country and town.  Benny (Dixon) enjoys his home in town. 

Remy (Dottie) and Tuna (Daisy) from the 'D' Litter.  

The Ribbon Litter, which was born on February 8, 2022, included eight puppies - Betty White, Red Ruby, Coral Piper, Texas Gingham, Royal Hank, Audie, Rocky, and Blue Boy.  
Sired by Town & Country's Clyde, Ruthie's second litter was a really nice set of puppies, quick to learn and beautiful.  These puppies are thriving in their country and town homes, serving as companions and farm dogs.  

Texas Gingham (top right), Betty (bottom right), and Hank (left) are in the photos below.

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