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Past Litters

The Ribbon litter was born on February 8, 2022 with four males and four females.  The puppies were out of our Ruthie and sired by Town & Country Clyde.  The females all went to live on farms and in the country, and the males have gone to a variety of locations.  This litter were all tricolors, with some puppies fading out into saddlebacks and an open-faced tricolor.  

The puppies in this litter were Blue Boy, Tex (Gingham), Hank (Royal), Rocky (Pokey), Ruby (Red), Piper (Coral), Katie (Betty White), and Audie (Mr Stripey).

From left to right, the photos below show Tex, Hank, and Katie.  

The "D" Litter was born on March 18, 2021.  The litter contained six puppies, including four females (Daisy, Dottie, Dolly, and Della) and two males (Delaware and Dixon).  These puppies were from a mating of our English Shepherds Ruthie and Ruger.

Fish (Della), D.D. (Dolly), Remy (Dottie), and Delaware live in the country. Tuna (Daisy) resides in both the country and town.  Benny (Dixon) enjoys his home in town. 

Remy (Dottie), Delaware, and Tuna (Daisy) from the 'D' Litter.  

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